Best Design Trends that Capture Attention on Social Media

As the world underwent major changes last year, brands chose to play it safe when it came to taking design risks.They were driven by the compulsion of delivering more while consuming fewer resources.Hence, old favorites like muted color palettesand simple data visualizations make a comeback to enable clear and effective communication.

Design trends that induce feelings of calmness, understanding, and positivity are set to dominateand overcome the chaos. Things will be far more subdued as the use of bold colors, brash fonts, and blunt marketing tactics.

Being a social media guru, you’ve got to make your brand reach the target audience in a manner that appeals to them. Thus, you should be aware of the graphic design trends that are likely to dominate in 2021. Let’s see the latest design trends that you can use to spice up your social media visuals.

Keep Your Color Palettes Muted

You should consider making changes to your design strategy if you are still using bold and vibrant colors in your social media graphics. Despite popular belief saying otherwise, you don’t need to use vibrant and bold colors to make a mark on social media. Thus, muted and soothing colors are being used increasingly. It is a new trend that’s becoming more and more popular. It’s those colors where a touch of black, white, or any other complementary color has been used to saturate them

Muted colors are the thing for the world that has gone through so much stress. They triggercalmness and make people feel nostalgic. They also create a softer look that is more natural. Muted colors help you focus attention on the key message you seek to give out, making your brand appear more authentic. After all, there’s so much noise on social media timelines these days. Low-key colors like soft pink create a feeling of calmness and peace in the readers.

Use Simple Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a very effective method of presenting complex data in a visual format. You can create a data visualization of the following types:

  • Maps
  • Charts and graphs
  • Infographics
  • Diagrams

The use ofeffective infographicsmakes it much easier for the readers to understand and digest complex information. It makes your sharing of data far more effective. Data visualization also helps engage your readers, one of the key goals of social media. Apart from complementing your message, they may also make your post go viral.

You’ll leave your readers overwhelmed if you cram too much data into a single visualization. You’ve got to be mindful of the limited space you’ll be working with. What should you do? You have to focus on a single piece of data or statistics. It helps you get your message through more effectively and improves the chances of your post being shared. The use of simple pie charts and bar diagrams helps a great deal.

Add Geometric Patterns for More Appeal

Geometric shapes and patterns in the visuals help add more consistency and structure to your social media graphics. Using such shapes and patterns communicate your message with a degree of order and power as they are man-made and not natural creations. You can guide the viewer’s gaze using the patterns as visual signals and highlight the message you want the reader to focus on.

Be conscious of the fact that different shapes and patterns give out different messages. There’s psychology working behind each one of them. While squares indicate stability, triangles are identified with taking risks. It’s best to use a combination of shapes to create a background that entices the reader.


The internet is full of resources and helpful tutorials on how to create effective designs for social media platforms. However, you should always ensure that you download unique brushes or shapes from reliable sources. In some unfortunate cases, the file you download might be tainted with malware. In other cases, the websites themselves attempt to steal your information. Thus, it is recommended that people install a Virtual Private Network to stay safe online. These tools encrypt information about your web activities and ensure that no data leaks, even if you visit unsecured websites.

With the world having been through a lot of turmoil, understated design trends are dominating social media marketing. People are looking for some calm and peace. Hence, bold and in-your-face colors are passé while muted color palettes are gaining popularity. Data visualization has emerged as another effective strategy to present complex information while successfully retaining reader attention. A combination of geometric patterns is also being used to help readers focus. Overall, the emphasis is on being subtle and subdued while also being clear and concise.


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