How Justen Alias Negotiates His Way to the Top

With the real estate industry booming lately, there are certain tactics that set agents apart from their competitors. One of the most important skills that a real estate agent can possess is the ability to negotiate well. This is a skill that Justen Alias of Justen & Associates has honed in on and perfected when helping his star-studded clientele find their perfect homes in Miami or Los Angeles. 
Alias has a passion for the sports and entertainment niche within the real estate industry, and works with many agents and managers to guide and assist his clients through the journey of purchasing their next pad. He also utilizes a unique marketing approach through social media, developing websites and technology that helps build on his client list.
Perhaps the most important skill Alias uses is his ability to negotiate successfully. “A successful negotiation is one in which you, either as buyer or seller, achieve an outcome that feels equitable. I have been in the real estate industry for over ten years, and I have negotiated many favorable deals for my clients. Ultimately my goal is to get the client the best deal on the property, and I do that through my negotiation skills,” said Alias.
“Starting with my first multi-million dollar sale, I was hired by a bank to list a home in my market. I was able to get the bank over 10% over the asking price using my negotiation tactics,” he continued. “Since then, I’ve been negotiating multi-million dollar sales, and the goal is always the same: leave no money on the table for my client.”
Alias says he has three important tips for negotiating: always find out your client’s bottom line number, do your research, and ask the right questions. If you are able to do well in those three areas, you likely have a successful negotiation.
To learn more about Alias and his business or to get top dollar for your property, get in touch with him through his websites Moving Miami Florida and Miami Luxury Leases or follow him on Instagram.


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