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Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 with DXL to PST Converter-

Moving from one email customer to another is now very usual. As there are different email client apps on the market, a desktop user has several options to choose from. Here in this post, we will explain how to migrate Lotus notes to Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 using DXL to PST Converter and how to edit Lotus Notes to Outlook 2016. Since these are email customer software, they are very popular with desktop users.

Although both products are primarily aimed at the same, namely email, they offer various functions and capabilities. Let’s pass the post.

Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2016

Sometimes you may face a circumstance in which your present e-mail client has no choice but to switch to another. Think that you used Lotus Notes before. You quit the business now. You have joined a new agency where Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 are being requested. Both Lotus Notes and the MS Office are different software that you used before and today. What about Lotus Notes’ old mailbox data? Would you like to use them in Outlook or 365?

If so, you have to switch to Outlook 2010 or 2016 from Lotus Notes. For you or anyone else, this would be tough. Why? The MS Office and Lotus Notes do not support the same file format.

The XML database file called the DXL (Domino XML Language) is created in IBM Lotus Domino. It is used mostly to hold the Lotus Domino database information. In addition, schematics, design elements, views, forms, and documents are stored. The DXL file principal role is to provide a database export and exchange format. Users can also contribute data and structural components through XML to the database.

The whole mailbox is stored in the personal data table, which is widely known as the PST file, by Microsoft Outlook and O365 on the other hand. You save e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes, journals, appointments, and appointments. It contains individual folders for specific mailbox information. To learn how to execute lotus domino transfer to office 365 in the next section?

Let’s talk about IBM Lotus Domino.

IBM Lotus Domino is an IBM server application development platform, developed for commercial collaboration (previously known as the Lotus Notes Server). It is often used to send emails, messages, schedule, and host key applications. It also offers your firm information security features. Lotus Domino can be utilized as a server application as well as a Lotus Notes application server.

More Microsoft Outlook information

MS Outlook is a popular Microsoft email customer application, which comes as a distinct product in the Microsoft Office Suite. You don’t merely e-mail customers; you’re actually a personal data manager. They also provide functions such as calendar, task management, contact management, note-taking, diary building, and web browsing, other than email customers. It can be used both as an independent program and also as a Microsoft Exchange Server application.

DXL to PST Conversion Professional Solution

You need to import them into Microsoft Outlook to utilize your old mailbox data contained in DXL files. Usually, manual tricks can be used to migrate emails from one email client to another. Since there is no manual method or procedure, a professional method to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook is the sole solution.

Although the professional software has to be paid for, it is considerably more efficient than the manual tricks. The manual tricks take several minutes to hours and take time. But using professional software, in the least possible time delivers amazing outcomes.

Why select DXL Converter for PST?

Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook programs is quite competitive on the market because they are provided by a small number of software companies. This DXL to PST Converter software offers a wide array of remarkable capabilities (as provided below) for you:

It can handle and easily convert small corruptions in DXL files.
Processes One-go Multiple DXL files.
Intelligent preview to display the internal mailbox tree structure.
Add fresh PST files directly from the software to the Outlook profile.
Displayed for a free evaluation with a sample version.

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