Top Mobile App Development Companies in the US

The use of mobiles phones is phenomenally prevailing across the world. This novel innovation has now become a necessity for earthlings. Mobile phones are used to connect with the world and render the many tasks not in hours or minutes but seconds. Through just a few clicks, one can easily execute a transaction of millions. Listed below are some surprising facts about mobiles phones;

Worldwide, there are 6.4 billion people who use smartphones at the moment. With a global population of 7.9 billion people, that translates to an average of over 80% ownership of a smartphone.

There has been a tremendous rise in the number of mobile phone. users throughout time as well, as indicated by the fact that only 3.7 billion people have smartphones in 2016. The number of mobile App Development phone users has risen by 73.9 percent in the last five years alone, according to the latest statistics.

The number of people using smartphones is predicted to rise steadily over the next few years, hitting seven billion in 2024 and then 7.5 billion in 2026.

As of 2019, the average American adult used a mobile device for three hours and forty-three minutes daily.

In 2019, the average US adult spent 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on mobile devices.

The US encompasses numerous smartphone users which is evidently increasing at a fast pace. Statistics show the number of smartphone users in the U.S. from 2018 to 2025. For 2020, the number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 294.15 million. The Americans are known to be the leading country in technology and IT advancements. They comprise top mobile application development countries of the world, some of them include;


Retrocube LLC is one of the biggest app development platforms based in the United States. The company specializes in an array of app categories for both iOS and Android. their work has been subliming in delivering dedicated apps and those with seamless functionality. Customers from a varying degree of industries. partner with Retrocube to construct dynamic applications. which are being used by millions of customers worldwide.


This world-class American company have won. App of the year from Apple and their products have processed over $10 billion in transactions. They are ranked as the top app builders. They have partnered with unicorn startups like Warby Parker and Compass as well as Fotune 500 Companies like Verizon and Google. They excel in 

  • I0S development
  • Android Development
  • React Native Development
  • Flutter Development


This company has exceptional expertise in 

  • Full-stack Engineering: Data modeling, Client & Server, Embedded Systems
  • Web Development: Single page apps, API design, Software as a Service
  • Mobile Development: React Native, iOS, Android, IoT
  • Cloud Migration: Containerization, Microservices, Orchestration
  • Digital Transformation: Legacy upgrades, Middleware, Mentoring

Zco corporation 

Is your company in need of mobile app developers to assist with your current or upcoming project? Zco is where you want to start. Zco has been providing clients in the Boston and New York areas. with streamlined software design and mobile app design and development services for over a decade. Access to their business solutions is also provided. A group of highly skilled software development engineers works. using cutting-edge tools and techniques. Its software development team is well-versed in a wide. Range of programming languages and frameworks, including Swift, Kotlin, React Native, and others.

App Development for Apple’s iOS Operating System

They’ve been making high-quality apps for all Apple devices since the iPhone debuted. The app developers at Zco can help you with the latest models of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. To provide the most extensive iOS app development services on the market, they’ve been studying and inventing since 2008. Formerly built using languages such as Objective. C, Swift now sets the bar for high performance by providing a new degree of smoothness for the user.

·         Development of Android Apps

Zco’s software developers and designers have a lot of expertise working with Android. the most popular mobile operating system in the world. With the support of their best programmers and Kotlin and Java-based technologies, it allows you run your project on all kinds of Android devices. With their design experience, you’ll be able to appeal to a broader market while still distinguishing out.

Netset software

With their excellent services, these top-tier American mobile app developers are setting new standards. Their Mobile App Development Solutions are tailored to meet specific business requirements, are cost-effective, and are delivered on time. Because each mobile project has its own set of requirements. They strive to create mobile apps that are pleasing to the sight. They have mastered the art of building user-friendly, cross-platform enterprise apps that are also highly expandable, scalable, and responsive.

  • Smart home apps
  • Voice based IoT apps/solutions
  • Wearable gadget apps

Their Cross-Platform App Development Services are established with the express purpose of giving smartphone apps the power to work correctly on numerous e-devices, geared to meet corporate objectives. PhoneGap, HTML5, Xamarin, and more platforms are no match for the expertise of Netset software’s mobile app developers.


This American firm is skilled in developing chart busting mobile app games that rule on app stores. They comprise.

  • The development of Android games requires a dedicated in-house team of game developers.
  • A specialized approach for top-notch iOS game production that dominates the iTunes Store is known as iOS Game Development.
  • Same approach as developing an iOS app for an iPhone, but tailored to fit the iPad’s screen size and resolution.
  • Wearable Game Development: Whether you need an Android or iOS game developed for a specific wearable, we can help.
  • Exploring this new market, they’ve done some impressive work for the development of Android and iOS games for the Big Screen Format.


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