Throughout the year, we celebrate a variety of festivals. Beginning in January, it continues all year long. Some many important events and celebrations take place all around the world in December. In other words, it is natural to feel cheerful when approaching the end of the year. In addition, we should bid farewell to the remaining year with a smile on our faces and with the company of our loved ones. 

December global holidayThe following list will be short and compact for the global December holidays. Let’s begin!

Holidays In December That Are Important For Religion


Hanukkah – 10th December

Many of you probably don’t know about Hanukkah, even though it is an important Jewish holiday. There are eight days of celebration for the festival, and people commemorate the miracle of provision. It occurs on the 25th of Kislev, according to the Hebrew calendar.


Yule – 21st December

Did you know that this day is celebrated around the world? People celebrate Yule on this day. Additionally, this is also known as Yuletide in Germany. A number of traditions and history associated with this day derive directly from Christmas. Further, it is more like Christmas these days, mainly due to the fact that people get together and exchange gifts. 


Christmas – 25th December

Jesus Christ was born on this day in history. The significance of this day is obvious. This day is probably familiar to most of us. It’s a day to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth around the globe. Additionally, this day corresponds to the winter weather according to the Roman Calendar. 


Lady of Guadalupe12th December

Mexicans celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast on 12th December every year. Many Mexican Catholics participate in this celebration. Mexico will be your best option at that time if you want to have fun. Mary appeared in 1531 before Mexican peasant Juan Diego. Since that day, Mexicans have treated that day as a holiday.

Both Americans and Mexican celebrate this religious event. The celebrations are simple; families set up altars in houses, the altars are made up with Lady Guadalupe painting on the walls and candles around them.

Santa Lucia – 13th December

A saint from Italy, Saint Lucia, sacrificed his life because of Christian beliefs. Since then, she has been remembered as a figure of light at a time of darkness. The tradition is mainly celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy on 13th December. The day is also marked by singing and processions dressed in white.

Every year, they do this to honor Saint Lucia. Those who follow Santa Lucia will be looking forward to this well-known holiday in December. 


The Bottom Line

This December Global Holidays list will greatly assist you in planning your holiday trip. Furthermore, knowing about the holidays in advance can help you save a considerable amount of money on train or flight tickets. What are your plans? You can plan a trip to the holiday celebrations featured in this short and compact list.

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