2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is here: All that you need to know

Following five years of pausing, we’re at last only days from the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. This lofty cricket competition begins on October 17 at. the Oman Cricket Foundation Ground. Its last is booked on November 14 in Dubai. where the best two out of 16 groups that will contend this year will confront one another.

This series of the T20 World Cup was initially booked to begin the year before. Nonetheless, in the same way as other significant games from around the world. it has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. It was additionally initially planned to occur in India. yet the circumstance in the nation concerning. the pandemic is as yet not permitting huge occasions like this to be facilitated.
It has been a serious standby and we’re doubtlessly only glad to see this gigantic cricket occasion back. Before you beware of the cricket T20 World Cup wagering chances, here is all that you need to think about it.

The current Year’s Organization

The competition will go on with its most brief arrangement this year with its three phases. The first round is the place where two gatherings of four groups. will be partaking in a cooperative effort. The best two groups from each gathering will then. at that point, push ahead to the Very 12 phase where they will then, at that point. be again separated into two gatherings of six groups to be in one more cooperative effort.

The best two groups from each gathering will continue to the take out stage with two semi-finals and a last. The two groups to partake in the Very 12 phase. will be highlighted in four of the programmed qualifiers and two-cycle 1 qualifiers.

The accompanying focuses framework will be utilized:

Two focuses for a success
Zero focuses on misfortune or relinquish
One point for a tie, no outcome, or deserted
Gathering Groups During the First Round
Here are the means by which the gathering will look like on Cycle 1 and Very 12:
Cycle 1 Gathering A:
Sri Lanka
Cycle 1 Gathering B:
Papua New Guinea
Very 12 Gathering A:
South Africa
West Indies
Gathering A Victor (A1)
Next in line Gathering B (B2)
Very 12 Gathering B:
New Zealand
Gathering A Next in line (A2)
Gathering B Victor (B1)

The occasion will start off with two Gathering B matches. The first will be among Oman and Papua New Guinea. After this is the match between Bangladesh and Scotland. which will likewise happen at the Oman Cricket Foundation Ground in Al Amerat.

Gathering A matches will begin the following day in Abu Dhabi. where Ireland and Netherlands will play against one another in the early evening. The evening match will have Sri Lanka and Namibia against one another.

T20 World cup 2021 Complete Schedule of the Tournament

DateFixtureTime (IST)Venue
Round 1
17-OctOman vs Papua New Guinea15:30Al Almerat, Muscat
17-OctBangladesh vs Scotland19:30Al Almerat, Muscat
18-OctIreland vs the Netherlands15:30Dubai
18-OctSri Lanka vs Namibia19:30Dubai
19-OctScotland vs Papua New Guinea15:30Al Almerat, Muscat
19-OctOman vs Bangladesh19:30Al Almerat, Muscat
20-OctNamibia vs the Netherlands15:30Abu Dhabi
20-OctSri Lanka vs Ireland19:30Abu Dhabi
21-OctBangladesh vs Papua New Guinea15:30Al Almerat, Muscat
21-OctOman vs Scotland19:30Al Almerat, Muscat
22-OctNamibia vs Ireland15:30Abu Dhabi
22-OctSri Lanka vs the Netherlands19:30Abu Dhabi
Super 12
23-OctAustralia vs South Africa15:30Abu Dhabi
23-OctEngland vs West Indies19:30Abu Dhabi
24-OctA1 vs B215:30Sharjah
24-OctIndia vs Pakistan19:30Abu Dhabi
25-OctAfghanistan vs B119:30Sharjah
26-OctSouth Africa vs West Indies15:30Dubai
26-OctPakistan vs New Zealand19:30Sharjah
27-OctEngland vs B215:30Abu Dhabi
27-OctB1 vs A219:30Abu Dhabi
28-OctAustralia vs A119:30Dubai
29-OctWest Indies vs B215:30Sharjah
29-OctAfghanistan vs Pakistan19:30Dubai
30-OctSouth Africa vs A115:30Sharjah
30-OctEngland vs Australia19:30Dubai
31-OctAfghanistan vs A215:30Abu Dhabi
31-OctIndia vs New Zealand19:30Dubai
1-NovEngland vs A119:30Sharjah
2-NovSouth Africa vs B215:30Abu Dhabi
2-NovPakistan vs A219:30Abu Dhabi
3-NovNew Zealand vs B115:30Dubai
3-NovIndia vs Afghanistan19:30Abu Dhabi
4-NovAustralia vs B215:30Dubai
4-NovWest Indies vs A119:30Abu Dhabi
5-NovNew Zealand vs A215:30Sharjah
5-NovIndia vs B119:30Dubai
6-NovAustralia vs West Indies15:30Abu Dhabi
6-NovEngland vs South Africa19:30Sharjah
7-NovNew Zealand vs Afghanistan15:30Abu Dhabi
7-NovPakistan vs B119:30Sharjah
8-NovIndia vs A219:30Dubai
10-NovSemi-Final 119:30Abu Dhabi
11-NovSemi-Final 219:30Dubai
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