How To Use Panda Helper to put in 3rd-Party Apps On iPhone And humanoid

Some time back, once breakout utilities began to tail off. a series of third-party app stores began to be discharged. Today, we tend to still see new ones discharged frequently, however. one amongst the most effective continues to be Panda Helper. one amongst the first installers, Panda Helper. offers users a good alternative of third-party content. many changed apps and games. screen recorders, streaming apps, game emulators, and even some Cydia tweaks. that don’t need a breakout to figure. whereas it was originally discharged as a backup for the breakout. it’s currently therefore in style, and ample folks area unit exploitation. it as an alternate to the official app store.

Panda Helper comes in 2 flavours – free and important person – and is on the market to be used on each iOS and humanoid. therefore browse on for all the main points.

How to transfer Panda Helper:

Downloading Panda Helper is straightforward enough to do; opt for your platform, and follow the steps:


Open hunting expedition browser and head to the official Panda Helper website
Download the iPhone configuration profile onto your device
Tap Install on the new page so head to your home screen – you must see the loading indicator there
When the installation is completed, the Panda icon is on your home page.
Tap on the icon, associated with an Untrusted Developer error that can seem. with the app developer’s name – keep in mind that name and shut the error message.
Now open your iOS Settings app and enter General.
Tap on Profiles & Device Management
Find that developer name, tap on it, so faucet on Trust.
Now you’ll be able to use Panda Helper on your iPhone or iPad.


Panda Helper is primarily an associate iOS app therefore. to put it on your humanoid device, you wish to put in the .apk file manually – here’s how:

Open your humanoid settings and faucet on Security. (or Privacy, counting on your humanoid version)
Enable the Unknown supply possibility by sound. the slider next to that – this is often a very important step. if you don’t make out, Panda Helper won’t work on your device.
Close Settings and Open your browser
Software that open APK files file from the official Panda website
Open your humanoid transfer location and double-tap the APK file.
Follow the screen directions to put in it, and once you see the Panda icon on your home screen. the installation is successful.

How to Use Panda Helper:

This is an equivalent for each iOS and Android:
Tap the icon on your home page to open Panda Helper
Tap the Apps button
Browser the apps on supply or, if you wish to search out a particular app, use the search facility
Tap the app you wish and follow the in-app directions to put in it
If you utilize iOS. you will get to trust the developer – follow step five ahead of the installation tutorial.

Panda Helper App Features:

Regardless of the platform, Panda Helper includes variant cool and helpful options. except for being free and not wanting to break out or root your device. the developers have ensured that there’s much completely different content to suit all users:

App Store Apps – variant official iOS apps and games
Exclusive Apps – unofficial content that isn’t allowed. within the official stores, as well as tweaks, someone apps and additional
Tweaked Apps – official apps with new options value-added
Modified Games – official games. with further options value-added and every one in-app option unlatched.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Being an associate unofficial installer. it isn’t stunning that we tend to hear heaps of queries and comments concerning Panda Helper. therefore here is everything you wish to know:

How Do I Fix the Untrusted Developer Error?

This is common with unofficial content on iOS devices as Apple. doesn’t understand the developer. Fixing it’s simple:

Launch iOS Settings>General and head to Profiles

Tap on the developer name – this can be within the error message.
Tap on Trust and clean up Settings – the app will currently be used while not in error.
Will exploitation Panda Helper Void My Device Warranty?

No. Panda helper doesn’t need you to breakout or root your device. neither will it would like any special permissions to transfer. It works a bit like a regular official app and doesn’t compromise security on your device. it’s going to cause a tangle with any of the tweaks that amend however your device functions – if necessary. delete them and set up them presently.

I Get a miscalculation Message – Panda Helper Won’t Verify or transfer

This is possible as a result of the app certificate has been revoked. Panda is constructed exploitation terminated enterprise certificates and, though. they often get them replaced before they’ll be revoked, they can’t forever get there in time. Delete Panda from your device, leave it for a handful of hours. and check out once more – the certificate ought to get replaced, and it’ll work.

Panda Helper is, hands-down, one of the most effective and most well-liked. third-party app installers, providing an enormous quantity of content. attempt it today; it’s going to well become your main app store.


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