Most Popular December Global Holidays

Most Popular December Global Holidays

Holidays are exciting, isn’t it? We all love to celebrate them. Holidays are a good excuse to meet with friends and family. The holidays are the most fun for kids as schools are closed, and they get gifts and outings. Holidays are coming throughout the year, but one month has most of the holidays in December. We also know this month as the month of celebrations. 

In this article, we will list some of the important holidays that you should enjoy with your loved ones. The December holidays are also global holidays that make this month more special and important. Although the weather this month is still freezing, there is no stop in joying December holidays.

Here are a few important religious and cultured December global holidays.

Santa Lucia

Celebration Day:– 13th December

Santa Lucia is a Saint and who has firm beliefs in Christianity. She sacrificed herself as a martyr. From that day to this day, 13th December was celebrated as a day of light in the darkness. People wear white dresses, march with candles, and sing. This holiday awaited millions of people worldwide and has become a well-known religious holiday. People also considered as a kick start for Christmas day.


New Year’s Eve 2021 (2022 New Year)

Celebration Day: 31st December

This holiday is one of the largest events in the world. This event is also known as the Old year’s day or Saint Sylvester day in many places. During this event, people pray and enjoy parties. This event is very dynamic, as the one-year passes and the next is coming, so there is a lot of joy and sorrow together. 

Different peoples celebrate new year’s eve differently. The religious people celebrate it while gathering in the church and praying, while some make a gathering in a public place. People also cook traditional foods that bring joy, delight, and happiness in the coming year. Spanish people celebrate new year’s eve by bolting down 12 grapes representing hope and luck in the new year 2022.


World AIDS Day

Date of celebration: 1st December

On the 1st of every December, WHO celebrates worlds AIDS day. This day started in 1987. This day brings awareness about AIDS and is celebrated all over the world. Because of its worldwide celebration, it becomes the global December holiday.

Along with the awareness, this day encourages the people who suffered from these diseases to talk about them. People visit the children that are affected to encourage them. Different institutes hold conferences, workshops, training programs to raise awareness about safe sex. 

These are a few world-famous Popular December global holidays that are celebrated around the globe. These festivals represent the beliefs and culture of the communities. The rich history and culture involved in these events give us a different prospect of life. Before taking part in these events, try to learn as much as you can to take part in the genuine spirit of the event.

Happy December!!!!


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