Global holidays in December: Google doodles mark worldwide celebrations – here’s when they occur

Google’s Doodle also celebrates the month of December, featuring a yellow bird encircling its logo in fairy lights.In December, there are several festivals celebrated throughout the world. December Global Holidays we are listing some of the famous.

Hannukah (28 November -06 December)

According to the Hebrew calendar, Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of the month of Kislev, which is the first day of the festival. In 2021, the first day of Hanukkah is Sunday,28 November.

The lighting of the menorah marks the holiday‚Äďa nine-branched candlestick. The candle usually sits above or below the others in the branch, while the other eight – one of which burns every night – are lit by the candle on the top branch.

Similarly, some Jews celebrate Hanukkah as Christians do at Christmas by feasting and sharing gifts with family and friends. A popular dish is latkes made from oil.

Yule (21 December-1 January)

Germanic people celebrate Yuletide, also known as Yule. Anglo-Saxons observed Modraniht as a pagan festival, specializing in Odin, the Norse god.

There is a more Christmas-like feel these days, as families gather and they exchanged gifts. We can trace several Christmas traditions to it, such as the Yuletide log.

Neo-paganism and heathenry, in particular, celebrate this holiday and December Global Holidays.

Festivus (December 23),

The Seinfeld episode “The Strike” introduced Festivus to popular culture in 1997.

This parody holiday is a protest against consumerism, during which people gather around a plain aluminum pole rather than a holiday tree decorated with lights and decorations.

It’s customary to air grievances or show strength during Festivus, while many refer to “Miracles of Festivus” based on real-life events.

Christmas (December 25)

Christmas is a worldwide celebration that occurs on December 25, when Jesus Christ is born.

As the Roman calendar observes, winter solstice on this date. However, Jesus had no known birthday.

In some cultures, they celebrated Christmas on the 24th, while others celebrate it in January.

Families share feasts, exchange gifts, and decorate the house with trees during the holiday season.

Boxing Day (December 26)

The day after Christmas has several competing stories to tell about how it got its name.

A related practice is the distribution of alms boxes by churches to needy members of society after Christmas, a practice that dates back to medieval times.

Oxford English Dictionary says it refers to the day after Christmas.When postal workers, errand boys get Christmas boxes to thank them for their services throughout the year.

Kwanzaa (26 December-1 January)

The festival of Kwanzaa lasts for 7 days and celebrates African-American culture. Giving gifts and sharing a meal concludes the holiday in January 

Maulana Karenga, who was part of the Black Power movement and a champion of African Studies, created the festival in 1966.

New Year’s Eve (December 31)

Covid-19 will make this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations much less lively.

Many will probably welcome the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, as a vaccine may be on the horizon.


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