Holidays celebrated around the world in December and their meanings

December is, without a doubt, one of the most holiday-filled months of the year 2021 December global holidays.

The month of December will introduce you to some global holidays that you may not be familiar with.


Boxing Day

Celebration Date: December 26

 The category is General,

 Marked for: For Charity,

 Where it is Celebrating: Worldwide

 First, this is not a sport boxing day (in which one punches the other); this boxing day means giving gifts and rewards to needy people. There are different options these days; some believe that this day is celebrated when the church gives alms boxes to needy children after Christmas. Others think the day should mark by giving gifts and thanking service people such as postmen, maids, and others for recognizing them for their service.

Regardless of different opinions, Boxing Day is considered an iconic day. Many countries worldwide declare it a holiday, like Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., and AUS. 


Celebration Date: December 1

 Category: Health

Marked For: Awareness of AIDS

 Where it Celebrated: Worldwide

 Founded by Bunn and Netter in 1987, this day has grown to become a global event. Bunn and Netter oversaw the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS. It took place on December 1 the following year, which became the official date of the holiday. 

 Aimed at raising awareness and remembering those affected by HIV, AIDS Day is an annual international observance. On World AIDS Day, people can take part in various activities, including calling upon kids who were orphaned by HIV, promoting safe sexual practices, and advocating for greater government support to combat HIV/AIDS.


Celebration date: December 23

 Category: Awareness/Parody

 Marked for: To raise awareness about consumerism at Christmas.

 Where it Celebrated: Globally, but most notably in the U.S.

 The Seinfeld episode “The Strike” made Festivus more popular in 1997, as it celebrated the global holiday of December. During the holiday season, parody holidays mock the false nature of consumerism. Contrary to buying an expensive tree, the celebration of Christmas involves standing around an aluminum pole. There are also customs associated with Festivus, such as “performances of strength” and “expressions of grievances.”

Festivus enthusiastsattacked by pundits who describe them as unconventional people opposed to Christmas. The holiday continues to be popular with frugal shoppers and minimalists alike.



Celebration Date: December 26 – January 1

 Category: Culture

 Marked for: To preserve African culture.

Where it Celebrated: Globally, particularly in America

 A holiday rooted in African history, Kwanzaa celebrated in December, mostly in the U.S. Maulana Karenga conceived the holiday in 1966 during the Watts riots in Los Angeles.

Traditionally celebrated Kwanzaa with music and dance of African descent. Storytellers tell stories, and poets read poetry, along with discussions about several African values. On December 31, a large traditional feast called ‘Karamu’ prepared to conclude these tradition-filled days.


Celebration Date: December 21 – January 1

 Category: Pagan/Religious

 Marked For: In honor of Odin, the Norse god

 Where it celebrated:  All around the globe, most notably in Germany and its communities.

 Yuletide, also known as Yule, is celebrated by Germans around the world. A festival honoring Odin and the Norse gods, Modraniht has its origins in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. As the Winter Solstice falls during Yuletide, this makes Yuletide an ancient and widely celebrated tradition.

 A huge log was lit up at a bonfire by ancient people marking Yule and having a long outdoor night. While people still traditionally burn logs for Yule, many celebrate it by making a Yule altar or giving back to the earth. Yule tree decorations and candlelit dinners are also popular, as are exchanges of organic gifts.


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