10 Examples of Transforming Lessons Through The SAMR Model Cycle

Instances of Applying the SAMR Model can Help Teachers Understand and Embrace it

The SAMR Model for incorporating innovation into instructing, created by Dr Ruben Puentedura, has acquired a decent arrangement of openness lately. “SAMR” is an abbreviation that represents Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. The SAMR model gives a procedure to travelling through levels of innovation reception to observe more significant employments of innovation in instructing and create some distance from just utilizing “tech for tech’s sake”.

We inspected the video, SAMR in 120 Seconds. One thing that truly struck me is how much the model aided, so I made it a highlight accumulate and additionally make some more models.

Following are 8 instances of the SAMR cycle, each taking an illustration of a common homeroom practice that doesn’t utilize innovation and strolling it through each period of SAMR. For half of these, I looked and acquired from models that instructors had expounded on the web (unique sources are given – at times I changed the model a little). I likewise made instances of my own. In managing this, it became obvious to me that while Substitution and Augmentation can be generally direct theoretically, there is considerably more space for translation with regards to Modification and Redefinition.

The SAMR model Cycle

The objective of this activity was to help me (and perusers) better comprehend the SAMR model and to truly perceive how examples and evaluations can be changed while thinking about the advantages of advancing them through these stages. I think that it is especially fascinating to see the huge contrast in the middle of the first example and the reclassified illustration … there is frequently a lot more extensive scope of abilities needed in the last option stages, and examples can turn out to be significantly more captivating and collective when altered or re-imagined.

Illustration: Writing a Short Paper

Taken from: https://gphints.com/2021/12/03/is-computer-software-prepackaged-software-a-good-career-path/

Unique Assignment: A manually written paper.

Replacement: A Word Processor replaces a Pen/Pencil in a Writing Assignment.
Expansion: A Word Processor and text-to-discourse work are utilized to further develop the creative cycle.
Adjustment: The record made utilizing the Word Processor and text-to-discourse work is shared on a blog where criticism can be gotten and joined to assist with working on the nature of composing.
Redefinition: Instead of a SAMR task, understudies pass on insightful ideas utilizing media instruments.
Illustration: Geography and Travel
An adjustment of thought was found at https://edofict.wikispaces.com/SAMR+Examples.

Unique Assignment: An outline of an area comprising of transcribed substance enhanced with aggregated reordered magazine clippings.

Replacement: Use show programming (like Powerpoint or Prezi) to build a show giving data about a chosen area.
Expansion: Incorporate intuitive interactive media — sound, video, hyperlinks — in the show to give more profundity and give a seriously captivating show.
Alteration: Create a computerized travel handout that joins media and understudy made video.
Redefinition: Explore the region with Google Earth; search out and incorporate meetings with individuals who have visited the neighbourhood.
Example: Understanding Shakespeare
Taken from: https://edofict.wikispaces.com/SAMR+Examples and altered.

Unique Assignment: Read a Shakespeare play in conventional printed design.

Replacement: Read Shakespeare texts on the web.
Increase: Use online word references, concentrate on guides, history destinations, to enhance perusing.
Adjustment: Use mixed media assets like text, sound, and video apparatuses to mutually develop information, learning, and comprehension of a piece of a play, or a person, as a gathering project.
Redefinition: Answer the Question, “What did the way of life of the time have on the composition of Shakespeare’s plays” my utilizing a Concept Mapping instrument and developing a brain map showing key components through words and pictures.

An Assessment Exercise

Thought taken from: https://sites.google.com/a/msad60.org/innovation is-learning/same-model and marginally altered. In this model, we take a straightforward type of evaluation and advance it into a community-oriented gathering project.

Unique Assignment: Take a test, answers transcribed in a printed structure.

Replacement: Distribute the test in a Word Processor document design and have understudy fill in replies on a PC.
Increase: Use a Google Form to convey and finish the test. “There is some utilitarian advantage here in that paper is being saved, understudies and educators can get practically prompt criticism on understudy level of comprehension of the material.  This level begins to move along the educator/understudy driven continuum. The effect of quick input is that understudies might start to turn out to be more occupied with learning.“
Alteration: As an elective type of appraisal, understudies could be approached to compose a paper around an applicable topic. The SAMR paper could then be described and caught as vocal recording.
Redefinition: “A study hall is approached to make a narrative video responding to a fundamental inquiry identified with significant ideas. Groups of understudies take on various subtopics and team up to make one eventual outcome.  Teams are relied upon to contact outside hotspots for information.”

Following are some model illustrations, developed through the SAMR model, that I have taken a shot at making. It’s not difficult to become involved with agonizing over how adequately a methodology establishes “alteration” or “redefinition”, yet that is not the mark of the activity. In my mind, it’s more with regards to understanding the distinction between simply supplanting or increasing a “paper” illustration with an “advanced” one and developing it usefully and investigating additional opportunities.

Example: Art/Painting

Unique Assignment: Drawing an image utilizing conventional brush, paint, paper. There is a major contrast between conventionally doing this “by hand†and doing it carefully — carefully is in no way, shape or form “better”, it is simply unique and opens up some intriguing prospects.

Replacement: Use an advanced drawing/painting program (like MS Paint) to draw/paint an image.
Increase: Use a device that permits the making of your magnum opus to be “played back” (like Educreations, for instance).
Change: Pull a foundation picture to use as an “canvas” — you could even sweep something hand drawn and utilize that.
Redefinition: Create Artwork Collaboratively utilizing a Collaborative Online Whiteboard (like Twiddla or one of these different apparatuses).
Example: Email Etiquette
Unique example: Review printed duplicates of Email Etiquette ideas and rules.

Replacement: Students read a web-based article examining Email Etiquette ideas and rules.
Expansion: Students read a web-based article examining Email Etiquette ideas and rules that incorporates connections to models, and deal remarks internet showing their main 5 most loved tips.
Change: Students watch a video examining Email Etiquette ideas and rules and after exploring the rules, they make a Twitter record and Tweet their best 5 hints.
Redefinition: Students watch the rules video, then, at that point, evaluate instances of Email Etiquette ‘violations’ and demonstrate which rules ought to be applied to address/develop the models.
Illustration: Learning Fractions
Unique Assignment: Show comprehension of parts on a worksheet by shading in blocks.

Replacement: Use an Excel Worksheet to let understudies “color in” the squares.
Increase: Use Google Sheets to let understudies “color in” the squares, where the instructor can offer criticism straightforwardly on Google Sheets.
Adjustment: Use Google Sheets and direct understudies to online models and strengthen learning materials for regions that they may battle with.
Redefinition: Use a Fractions App all things considered (the following are a small bunch of models for iOS gadgets).
Illustration: Phys Ed — Learning To Hit a Baseball Well
Unique Assignment: Learning how to hit a baseball by watching and paying attention to a Coach or Phys Ed teacher show you and afterwards attempting it yourself.

Replacement: The mentor/instructor recordings the preparation exercise and uses this as an illustration.
Expansion: The mentor/educator recordings the preparation practice and gives connects to other preparing content (recordings and articles from different mentors, and so on)
Adjustment: The mentor/educator recordings the preparation practice and “flips” the example, having understudies watch it as schoolwork and utilizing class time to rehearse and support procedures.
Redefinition: Students watch video models and practice the procedures, then, at that point, the mentor/educator recordings them hitting balls and gives input about their method.

Ideally, this illustration of examples changed through the SAMR cycle help to urge you to contemplate how you influence innovation to make a portion of your illustrations more intelligent, community-oriented, and drawing in with a portion of the numerous extraordinary innovation apparatuses accessible today! Here’s a bunch of devices that might be useful when attempting to advance your illustrations: 10 of the Most Engaging Uses of Instructional Technology (with Dozens of Resources and Tools).


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