Rosa Saavedra Is Pedro Rivera’s Ex-spouse – 7 Facts About Her

Rosa Saavedra is a Mexican conceived American media character and the ex of Pedro Rivera. Her family became famous after the death of her little girl, Jenni Rivera. At the hour of Jenni’s passing, many called her La Diva de la Banda because of her incredible execution of conventional Mexican tunes.

Rosa who experienced a childhood in Mexico came to America not realizing that her story will change through her future. Likewise, her marriage didn’t outlast her lifetime nor did it outlast her kids. Different issues that make the Rivera name float in the news from time to time is the quelling she needs to suffer among her kids and grandkids.
Aside from current realities about her famous relatives, who are Rosa and how do insights regarding her treatment need to know? Continue to peruse to discover.

Who Is Rosa Saavedra?

Rosa Saavedra is the ex of Pedro Rivera, the American music maker. She was brought into the world in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico on April 18, 1948. Rosa is at present 73 years of age.

She came to America looking for a superior existence with her ex. The years in the US were very hard for her however turned into another American long for difficult work and achievement.
Rosa and her ex absconded when she was fourteen years of age. He went to prison after Rosa’s dad recorded a grievance against him.

Her life prior to coming to America isn’t notable. However, Pedro began by selling lottery tickets before they absconded. Together they constructed a daily existence that delivered incredible performers like Jenni and Luppi Rivera.

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Rosa Saavedra 45 Years Marriage To Pedro Rivera

Her sole marriage was with Pedro Rivera. They two met in Mexico where they lived near one another and later wedded in 1963. As the situation will transpire, their future was firmly connected yet in an alternate country.

They burned through 45 years of their life as a wedded couple. As the years progressed, they went through the battle of setting the sail to their boat and having kids.
Nonetheless, their wonderful romantic tale reached a conclusion when they separated in 2008. Pedro claims the choice was that of Rosa.

7 Interesting Facts About Rosa Saavedra

  1. Rosa Saavedra Children
    A vital piece of her marraige to Pedro are the youngsters they had together. Rosa had six youngsters with five actually getting by. She had her oldest youngster, Pete Rivera in 1964 followed with different kids.

She brought her kids up in a tight music family since her better half was into music creation and he claims a record name. It is no big surprise that her child, Lupillo Rivera is a fruitful artist too.

  1. Rosa Saavedra Lost Her Daughter In A Tragic Accident
    She woke up to the fresh insight about her little girls plane accident like the remainder of the world. Jenni’s plane crashed while getting back from a show in Mexico on December 9 2012.

In her time, Jenni surprised the Banda music scene with her ability as a lady singing in a male-dominated class. She got two Oye Awards in Mexico and was affected numerous through her noble cause work.
The staggering news was excruciating to fans and her family. She was 43 years of age at the hour of her passing.

  1. Her Eldest Son Is A Pastor And Gospel Singer
    In contrast to other Rivera’s, Rosa’s oldest child Pedro Rivera Jr. is on an alternate course. He is a minister and gospel artist.

The normal thing he imparts to his renowned kin is music.

  1. Her Children Are Quarelling Each Other
    The demise of Jenni assisted with making the Rivera kids famous basically those that were not known previously. This prominence thusly set a shade on the media consideration they were getting. Throughout the long term they Rivera’s have battled various fights among themselves.
    Chiquiz, Jenni’s little girl and her mom were not on talking condition at the hour of her demise. Jenni had blamed Chiquiz for laying down with her significant other Esteban Loaiza.

After her demise, the quarrels took another structure. Her sibling, Lupillo has battled his siblings while her girl has torn into her cousins as well.
The most significant battle is over her will and the command over it. Jenni Rivera endeavours were controlled by Rosie after her passing however she needed to leave. Jenni’s youngsters blamed her for the misappropriation of assets.

Johnny, Jenni’s last kid uncovered that his moms kin sidelined them from his mom’s will. As it is he wouldn’t fret seeing Rosie or Juan again.

The Rivera’s quarrel is connected to their sister’s passing and an individual increase to be made.

  1. Rosa And Her Son Lupillo Do Not Speak To Each Other
    The Rivera quarells are various seemingly forever. One more lamentable turn is the way that Lupillo and his mom, Rosa are not friendly. This appears as though History rehashing the same thing however with various characters.
    His sister, Jenni had an awful realtionship that kept her from talking with her girl, Chiquiz. Infact, she eliminated Chiquiz from her will.

Presently, it’s Lupillo and his mother. For a really long time, he separated himself from different individuals from his family with the exception of his dad, Don Pedro Rivera.

Rosa can’t highlight any issues among them that has made their relationship cold.

  1. Rosa Saavedra Husband Remarried
    The finish of Rosa and Pedro’s 45-year-old marriage isn’t putting the stops for her ex. He has continued on and is allowing love another opportunity.

In 2019, Pedro wedded his better half, Juana Ahunada in a mysterious marriage went to by both of them. The declaration he made of his marriage is known as a major quip by his fans and devotees. Notwithstanding the age distinction between them, they don’t mind.
Pedro is possible not the man to dial back, he has kissed fans directly before his better half.

  1. Rosa Saavedra Net Worth
    The vast majority of her life was spend behind the cameras as Pedro Rivera’s better half and mother to Jenni Rivera and her kin. It isn’t sure on the off chance that she had a profession or not. However, her kids and ex ended up extraordinary.

Her ex is an extraordinary maker with total assets of $4 million dollars. He made his total assets from music creations. Their daughter, Jenni is perhaps the most well off of the Rivera’s even in death. At the hour of her demise in 2012, her total assets were assessed $25 million.

To date, her home is as yet producing pay which is one of the principal explanations for the Rivera family fights.

Where Could Rosa Saavedra be?

Rosa is perfectly healthy. Following the passing of her little girl at the prime of her life, Rosa is compelled to figure out how to live with her quarrelling youngsters and grandkids.

In 2013, she was determined to have irregularities in her vocal lines. a few sources guarantee she was subsequently found with malignant growth yet made a full recuperation.

She emerged to protect her sister, auntie Pita who supposedly acted untowards to her girl. Rosa is living discreetly and taking care of the passing of her kid while attempting to hold her family together.


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