Michelle Morgan and Derek Wedding: Celebrating a Beautiful Couple

When you first meet Derek and Morgan, you know they’re a special pair. Their chemistry is evident and their love for one another shines through with every word, look and gesture. Morgan and Derek’s wedding day was filled with the kind of lighthearted joy that only comes from genuine love, respect and admiration for one another. We could feel their love from our very first meeting, so we wanted to capture this coupling in a way that showed exactly who they are as individuals and as a couple. This article is about celebrating the beauty of these two amazing people by documenting those things that make them unique as well as those things that will always remain constant no matter what life throws at them.

Who are Morgan and Derek?

Before we get into how we approached Morgan and Derek’s wedding photography, we want to take a moment to learn a bit more about the subjects themselves. michelle morgan and derek wedding first met in a coffee shop in southern California. It was love at first sight for Morgan, so she promptly asked Derek out. He had a long road to love since he was still in the process of getting over an earlier relationship, but they slowly got to know each other and fell in love. They’ve been together ever since and have been living in Las Vegas for the past three years. Morgan and Derek are both teachers and love what they do. They are also both very involved in the community, including coaching youth sports.

The Location

When Michelle Morgan and Derek wedding started looking for a wedding venue, they knew they wanted something that was a little out of the ordinary. They found just the place when they stumbled upon an old-school diner in Las Vegas’ Chinatown. The couple loved the diner’s kitschy decor, so they decided to use it for their wedding. If you’re looking for a venue that’s a little unusual, you might want to consider an old-fashioned diner. There’s something very charming about these no-frills restaurants, and they come in a variety of different styles. You can also find diners that have been completely renovated and converted into swanky nightclubs or cocktail lounges, so the possibilities are endless.

Pro Tip: Stay True to Yourself

Derek and Morgan’s wedding was full of vibrant colours and bold designs. We loved how colourful the whole event was, but we wondered if Morgan and Derek had ever considered toning things down a bit since they both lean towards a more conservative style. We were curious as to why they chose to go for such a bright and bold design. Morgan told us that she wanted to make sure that everyone who attended the wedding felt included and appreciated. She wanted everyone to know that they were a part of the couple’s special day, so she and her groom wanted to make sure that everyone felt like a part of the celebration. We loved this idea and found that it was a very thoughtful way to make everyone feel special.

Why Morgan and Derek Chose a Colourful Theme

Once we knew why Morgan and Derek had chosen such a vivid design and colour palette, we were even more in love with the boldness of their choice. We loved how Morgan and Derek’s wedding was a real reflection of the couple and their personalities, and how they didn’t feel the need to conform to a particular style. We think every couple should follow their hearts and do what feels right for them, and not what they imagine as the “normal” thing to do.

The Bridal Party Looks

Morgan and Derek’s bridal party wore a selection of beautiful, elegant pieces that complemented their colourful theme. Morgan’s maid of honour wore a black and gold gown that perfectly matched the diner’s decor. The groomsmen wore black tuxedos with a touch of red in the tie that also matched the diner’s colours. The bridesmaids wore black gowns with gold accents and held bouquets made of red roses and gold glitter. Morgan’s bouquet was red and gold as well, but it also had a hint of pink in it to reflect her love for her son.

The Gender Reveal and the Bouquet Toss

The couple’s guests were in for a real treat when Morgan and Derek revealed the gender of their new son. Morgan’s bridesmaids brought out a big box filled with pink balloons that they released once they knew the gender of the baby. For the bouquet toss, Morgan and her bridesmaids used pink baseballs instead of flowers. We loved how they were able to incorporate their love of sports into the celebration.

Final Words

We hope this article gives you a little insight into what it was like to photograph Morgan and Derek’s wedding. We loved getting to know this couple, and we’re so pleased with how their photos turned out. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about this gorgeous couple and their special day as much as we enjoyed photographing it. If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, we hope that these images have given you some inspiration and a few ideas for things you can do to make your wedding truly unique and special. michelle morgan and derek tisdelle wedding Hints Here

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